Our Value

Pragmatic Projects was founded on a simple and powerful concept - that small- and medium-sized business needed the same strategic and tactical advantages enjoyed by large-sized businesses except more so. With less resources and less available time, it’s even harder to maintain your business in a constantly competitive marketplace, where everyone is fighting for the consumer’s mindshare and attention.

The challenge is to maximize your time without spending 24 hours every day simply working to stay afloat. The key is to improve both front office and back office operations, allowing you to focus your time on building your business - not just running it.

We focus on core strategies, tailored for your business:

  • Time management - efficient and prioritized use of your day
  • Systems and integration - automating as much as possible
  • Marketing and sales - driving potential clients in your door
  • Effective hiring and people practices - to recognize maximize value for you and your staff
  • Training your staff - to recognize the potential and investment of each client interaction

The most important aspect of all of this is accomplishing these goals pragmatically, in increments your business can absorb and utilize. Changing many things may be necessary - but not all at once. We work with you to determine the most effective steps and then execute them in order, allowing you to recognize return on investment from each step.

No two businesses are alike - each situation requires a thoughtful approach. We work with you to accomplish this. Our clients have recognized between 43% and 389% growth in profit their first year, and between 38% and 263% each year thereafter.