E-Presence Business Requirements in Today’s Successful Business


Gone are the days when your business would take out a display ad in the Yellow Pages. In today’s small business climate, your web site is your public face - often more noticed than the sign outside your office or store. And just as important are the keywords in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pages and how and where your e-marketing is done. And without a coherent and well-executed structure for pulling your clients and potential clients into your business through targeted outreach email and other tools, new and repeat business becomes elusive.

Pragmatic Projects works with you to tailor proven strategies to drive and retain business, drawing on years of experience in small and large business, both in non- and for-profit, from a wide variety of sectors. We do this through analyzing and prioritizing your needs to determine a program of maximum impact with a proven ROI.

Our focus is on creating or improving your website effectiveness, defining your marketing priorities, drawing new clients to your business and increasing the closeness of your client community. In defining the ROI priorities with you, for your specific situation, we take pragmatic steps that allow you to see material results and improvements.

Taken together, executing these defined strategies, your business presence grows through greater, more coordinated touch.